Welcome to the second edition of the Delta Ag Journal

Response from the first edition of the Delta Ag Journal, published this past January, was far greater than we had expected. A special thank you to those who called and emailed us with their congratulations and comments. We appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

For those receiving the Delta Ag Journal for the first time, this is a new magazine specifically tailored for our Mississippi Delta farmers and ag community. Our goal is to celebrate and cover the lifestyles of Delta farmers and their families.

The Delta Ag Journal is published quarterly by Coopwood Publishing Group based in Cleveland. We also own and publish Delta Magazine (15 years old) and Delta Business Journal (20 years old).

The reach of Delta Ag Journal is significant.

This edition was mailed to 5,100 farmers, ag related businesses and to a special list of “Decision Makers” we put together consisting of elected officials as well as policy makers in Washington, D.C., and business leaders located in our area and around the state.  Additionally, we shipped boxes to 65 distribution points around the Delta that range from tractor dealerships, parts stores, fuel distributers, and chemical-seed-fertilizer businesses which makes a total of 6,000 copies distributed of this edition

Our circulation more than covers the agricultural world of the Mississippi Delta!

In this second edition, we present a variety of stories we hope you will enjoy. Our cover story features an article about several first time farmers. We hope more young people will enter this profession as the Delta’s economy is completely based on agriculture. Encouraging young people to farm is vital for the Delta to move forward.

As we prepare for the next edition of the Delta Ag Journal that will be published in July, we invite you to give us your story ideas and other suggestions as that will help with the next edition. The comments we received from our debut edition allowed us to tweak and expand the articles in this second edition. Send your ideas to me at scott@coopwood.net or call our office at 662-843-2700.   

While we do have a Facebook page, in the coming weeks we’ll provide the details concerning our additional social media platforms that will also be associated with this magazine.

We hope you enjoy this second edition of the Delta Ag Journal!