A Multi-Faceted Dirt Moving Business

By Mark H. Stowers

Chris Sandifer has spent plenty of time playing and working with dirt so he made a career out of it. For the past twenty-five years, he spent time time working outdoors and decided to create his own company, S & W Landworks.

“Initially I began farming, then moved into landscaping and installing underground irrigation systems, both of which taught me the importance of effective land and water management,” says Sandifer.  “Owning and operating my own lawn service helped me develop a strong sense of efficiency and productivity, plus I have extensive experience in dirt work.”

His hobby even gave him more knowledge of groundwork and the importance it plays in a variety of businesses. 

“Having raced dirt bikes all my life, I’ve built motocross, supercross, and go-kart tracks, which require precision in shaping the land and careful grading and leveling to ensure a safe terrain for riders,” he says. 

 The list of his services is quite extensive and includes land clearing services to help reclaim and enhance property.  S & W Landworks is multi-faceted and can handle a wide variety of jobs which include mulching underbrush, small trees and bushes, cleaning property lines for fencing or boundaries, clearing woods and invasive vegetation all of which increase the value of the owners property.  

Sandifer’s dirt work services help create safe and level surfaces and include:

Final grade for home and shop sites

Leveling to create a safe, smooth surface

Building berms to control water drainage

Spreading dirt and gravel for driveways

Site prep for concrete or structures

 For the “adrenaline enthusiast,” Sandifer especially enjoys moving dirt for:

Motocross tracks

Arenacross tracks 

Go-kart tracks

While S & W Landwords is based in Bolivar County, Sandifer says they work all over the Delta helping land and business owners keep their property in the best shape it can be.