Eubanks Trucking Riding the Roads for Over Thirty-Six Years

By Aimee Robinette

For over thirty-six years, Woodward Eubanks and Sons, LLP, name has been synonymous with trucking.

With a fleet of thirty trucks, the Eubanks provide on-time delivery through dependable drivers that can haul what you want, when you want.

It all started in 1982, when Woodward Eubanks saw a need to haul rice and soybeans for farmers.

“Our father, Woodward Eubanks, didn’t really have a plan,” says Maury, his son. “We started hauling grain to supplement our income from farming and as time moved on trucking seemed to be working better than farming. We hauled rice and soybeans for area farmers.  Shortly thereafter, we started renting our farm land out and focused on trucking full-time.”

By the mid-‘80s, Eubank’s sons, Maury and Scott, joined the business, named Woodard Eubanks and Sons Trucking Company. Not only were they family, but their employees became family as well.

As they grew, the Eubanks noticed their employees were having to take very long lunches because of a lack of places to eat in the area. So, about five years ago, Ms. Katherine Sanders joined the business as chief cook.

“She is also a member of our adopted family,” Eubanks adds. “She cooks breakfast for the office workers and about twenty lunches everyday. Ruleville doesn’t have a lot of places to eat and employees had to travel to eat, which took a long time, so this was a time saver.

“We have meat and vegetables, and sometimes we have tacos, hamburgers, a sandwich day, fried fish… she is a really good cook and works hard,” he says. “She is pretty busy.”

Maury says they sit down and eat together, which helps with the commoradarie.

“It’s a good way to get to know our employees and salesmen. We have company a lot of days,” he adds. “They know what time to get here.”

“I could not have found a better work environment,” Ms. Kat says. “I love to cook and I especially like to put a smile on everybody’s face that fixes a plate here at the office. Everybody here likes when I cook fish on Friday’s, but their favorite is my hamburger steak, mashed potatoes and green beans. And, they really like when I surprise them with a dessert. They love my Strawberry Yum-Yum the best. They ask me all the time when I am going to make it again. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and I have a good bunch of men to cook for every day.”

And like their visitors grew for lunch, so did their business.

“We had one truck that we used when we were farming, and then we bought another. Everything grew from there and we started doing commercial work,” Eubanks adds.

In 1994, Woodard Eubanks and Sons Trucking Company moved to its current location on Mississippi Hwy 8 East.

“We now have thirty trucks and we haul everywhere, but our biggest customer is Quality Steel in Boyle. We have worked for them since the early 2000s, and bought their transportation business in 2004,” Maury says. “We haul all their tanks and we also  haul steel out of Cives, and have since 2004. We carry all of their outbound freight. We also haul furniture out of Lazy Boy in Leland.”

Woodard Eubanks and Sons Trucking Company also specializes in land forming, which includes dirt hauling, refinishing work and even fishpond formation. The family began this commercial venture sixteen years ago, and has track hoes, GPS equipment and everything needed for professional, accurate and long-standing work.

As for Woodward Eubanks, he still comes to work every day.

“He understands that we have made a pretty good journey from where we started. We have made some pretty good choices, maybe a few bad, but we have no complaints,” Maury says. “The next step is facing our challenges. We work hard to keep quality drivers, and we will continue that process.  As for our customers, and potential customers, we want you to know that we can haul anything, anywhere and get there on your time.”

Today, Woodward Eubanks and Sons, LLP trucking is known across country for providing reliable service, dependable drivers and quality customer service relations. With a fleet of more than thirty trucks, Eubanks is recognized for their consistent on-time delivery services and outstanding