Hot Moore

Super Cowman of the South By Hank Burdine Hot Moore was HOT indeed. To cattlemen all over America, and possibly the world, he was known as the Super Cowman of the South.  From a meager beginning in the eroded red clay hills of Tate County, Maurice P. “Hot” Moore built his Circle M Ranch into

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Tarah Ferguson

An Outstanding Asset to the Extension Service By Jack Criss Based in Tate County, Tarah Ferguson has been an Extension Agent for eight and a half years in the Senatobia office and has established a great reputation in the position. Her job consists primarily of a focus on agricultural issues with an emphasis on 4-H

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What’s The Right Choice This Year? By Jack Criss With time running out to enroll in two important coverage programs, many farmers are wondering what the best decision is to make between them, especially in today’s uncertain economic climate. Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC) provide financial protections to farmers due to

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Harvest Results

2020: A Year to Remember  for the Farming Community By Mark H. Stowers Each growing season and harvest year brings its own problems with weather and pests. But, with the global pandemic putting an extra layer of complications on the farming community made the 2020 farm year one to remember. A wet spring put planting

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EPA Approves Extended Usage By MARK H. STOWERS In 1967, Dicamba was first used as a broad-spectrum herbicide. With uses for both agriculture crops and on non-agriculture land such as golf courses, it has been used for decades to control broadleaf weeds. The main action of the chemical is that it produces uncontrollable growth that

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2021 Equipment Update

Automation Advances Continue  to Make Machines More Efficient By Aimee Robinette The research never ends, the technology continuously improves and major companies never sleep in such a competitive market as agriculture. Farmers have come to expect precision, accuracy at the touch of a button and dependability.  The major suppliers of such equipment remain in action.

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