2021 Equipment Update

Automation Advances Continue 

to Make Machines More Efficient

By Aimee Robinette

The research never ends, the technology continuously improves and major companies never sleep in such a competitive market as agriculture. Farmers have come to expect precision, accuracy at the touch of a button and dependability. 

The major suppliers of such equipment remain in action. John Deere is one such company that has stayed on the cutting edge. 

“John Deere is continuing to implement and improve more advanced automation features across all product lines. More advanced automation allows farmers to focus on the overarching operation of their farms, which in turn, leads to more efficient practices,” says John Marshall, director of integrated solutions at Wade Inc. 

Examples of automation integration improvement include eliminating non-essential downtime and providing a platform to manage and maintain all equipment from seeding to harvest. “Ultimately, John Deere’s vision is that its customers will be the most efficient and profitable moving forward,” says Marshall. 

Planters Equipment Company, a supplier of Case IH, also has no trouble keeping up with competition. “The most recent update I can think of right now from Case IH is an option called ‘field automation’ on the new Case IH combines,” says Kenny Jones  with Planters Equipment Company. “This feature, once set and calibrated, allows the combine to adjust itself on-the-go while harvesting in different crop conditions and yields. The combine automatically sets itself for the most minimum grain loss and productivity. This is a big plus for the farmers!” 

Jones also says  the new Case IH AFS Connect tractors have made life a little easier for the farmers also.  “The automated guidance system is so much better than on previous tractors. And the operators station is so much larger and more comfortable. The AFS Connect tractors are definitely a plus for today’s farmers,” he adds.

MirTech Harvest Center, has been in business for four years, has made a name for itself in the Delta and is the Delta’s only Full Line Claas Agriculture Equipment Dealership group. 

“This year brought great changes to the CLAAS product line. The release of the new LEXION combine, a unit that has been redesigned and redeveloped from the ground up, is much more than just the latest model in the series. Upgraded horsepower, larger grain tank capacity, and faster unloading speeds are just a few of the improvements with the 2020 offering. The LEXION is the world leader when considering convenience, efficiency, reliability, and precision. Farming is a competition, and the LEXION combine provides the best tools to win with,” says Shane Thompson,     .

“The success of CLAAS doesn’t end with the LEXION combines, as they have also recently introduced their 800 & 900 Series AXION tractors to the Delta. With advertised PTO HP ratings from 190-390, there is a tractor to fit every field. The same engineering, performance, and reliability that customers experience with the LEXION combines can be expected with the AXION offerings,” Thompson adds.

All these lines are impressive. Each brings something new to the agriculture table.

When it comes to John Deere, Marshall says, “Our ultimate goal is to provide products and technologies that far exceed customer expectations – each piece of technology added to a product sees immediate ROI within its first year when used properly. Instead of producing Smart Phones, John Deere is in the business of producing Smart sprayers, tractors, planter, and harvest equipment.”

Thompson says there is more to CLAAS than advancing technology.

“They understand the needs of their customers. Customer response and feedback drives their development process, which helps ensure the CLAAS product lines fit the needs of their businesses. CLAAS is truly the business-minded manufacturer for the business-minded ag professional,” he notes.

“The combines and tractors mostly, the new technology that is being innovated into them. But there is also work being done on their planting, seeding, and soil preparation products,” Jones says of Case IH.

Farmers’ choices sometimes comes down to color as these equipment suppliers continue to bring their best, most reliable products.

 “Farm equipment is very dependable these days, no matter the color.  It all comes down to the type of relationship you build with your customers and the dealerships ability to be there for them when needed and keep them going. That’s their best choice,” says Jones.

Marshall agrees and adds that he hears nothing but good things about John Deere.  “Combine Advisor has become the most asked about and implemented piece of technology for Wade, Inc. Its immediate monetary return (meaning just by turning the product on) has averages four times its investment based on a 4,000-acre farm,” he explains.

“These new releases with the success that CLAAS has traditionally had with their Forage Harvesters and complete line of Hay Tools, CLAAS has positioned themselves for great success for the future. Rounding out the team with the new tractor line creates an opportunity for customers to develop an active relationship throughout the year-not just at harvest,” says Thompson. “Claas pegged our international parent company to come to the United States when the existing Caterpillar dealerships chose to exit the Agriculture Marketplace. Our company prides itself on our premium product offerings, designed for the farming professional who appreciates industry leading design and maximum return on investment.”