Introducing The Delta AG Journal

While the ag industry is front and center of all things business in the Mississippi Delta, behind the scenes another story takes place with our farm families. This is what the Delta Ag Journal is all about — a new publication Coopwood Publishing Group has launched that will not only deliver informative news on the ag industry, but more importantly concentrate on the lifestyles of our Delta farmers and their families.  The Delta Ag Journal will provide ag content you cannot find anywhere else as we’re going to take a totally different approach from the other ag publishing sources that are available in print and online.

Delta Ag Journal

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Who receives the Delta Ag Journal? We have put together what we feel is the definitive ag list of the Mississippi Delta.  The Delta Ag Journal is mailed to all known farmers and ag related businesses in the Mississippi Delta with additional copies being sent to a special business and political leadership list we have also put together consisting of mailing addresses in the Mississippi Delta, Jackson, Mississippi, and Washington, D.C.

By the way, you may already be familiar with us through our other publications, Delta Business Journal and Delta Magazine. If so, you are aware of the quality we pride ourselves in delivering to our readers!